Easy Hacks You Can Do Right Now to Hookup With A Cougar

Easy Hacks You Can Do Right Now to Hookup With A Cougar

To hookup with a cougar is a fantasy a lot of young guys have. It usually starts with a hot teacher, or a friend’s sexy mom. Somewhere around puberty, you begin to notice the allure of an older woman and suddenly all you want to do is hookup with a cougar. Older women come in all shapes and sizes. Any type of woman you are attracted too comes in an older model. As bad as you want one, no one wants to put in months of work just to get turned down. There are a few easy hacks to hookup with a cougar you can do tonight.

Use an App To Hookup With A Cougar

Apps are everywhere these days, and more are being developed weekly. You can find an app for anything the human mind can dream up for fun, including hooking up with a cougar. Casual sex apps are all the rage. Dating apps are not just for those searching for long term relationships anymore. If all you want is a one-night stand, there is an app for that. If your looking for a cougar, there is an app for that too. All dating apps have an age setting. Set yours to the age of the cougar you desire. You’ll start getting matches of women in that age group. It is easy to hook up with a cougar if you use an app.

Visit a Martini Bar To Hookup With A Cougar

If you want to hookup with a cougar, try hitting the local martini or wine bar. Even a sports bar would work, depending on what kind of cougar you are hoping to hook up with. Bars and lounges are places people go to socialize with a little liquid courage to help things along. Cougars are no different. A martini bar or wine bar often attract cougars because of their classy but laid-back atmosphere. They aren’t as loud and raucous as a sports bar or night club, so cougars feel more at ease and in their environment. Just ask your smartphone for the nearest wine bar and go check it out. At the very least, you’ll find a great glass of wine.

The Straight Approach Helps You Hookup With A Cougar

The best way to approach a cougar is to get to the point. These ladies have seen every game, heard every line, and seen every move you could possibly play. To successfully hook up with a cougar, the straight approach is the way to go. The straight approach isn’t vulgar. It isn’t dirty, or disrespectful. It is a simple expression of interest. Any cougar worth her salt will appreciate a no-nonsense play. You’ll gain her respect right off the bat and that is the best way to start any relationship. Even a hook up with a cougar.

Body Language is a Tell-all When Hooking Up With A Cougar

Pay attention to her body language. A cougar’s body language is the key to how she feels. If she turns away from you as you approach, or worse yet, doesn’t acknowledge your existence, your best bet is to move along to the next older lady. If a hook up with a cougar is in your future, you’ll be able to tell as soon as you make eye contact. She will look you straight in the eye. She will smile. She will give you all the signs you would get from any other woman.

Pay attention

To hookup with a cougar, age should never be a discussion point. Do not tell her she looks great for her age. Do not tell her how surprised you age she doesn’t have wrinkles. Many cougars do not mind telling their age, but it isn’t a great topic to start a conversation. It should come later in the relationship. Age is a common discussion point when people are getting to know each other, so it can be difficult to figure out how to avoid it for a while. Alternately, she may ask you if you can guess her age. Always guess five years younger than you think she is, just to be safe. [Why Age Matters In A Relationship]
A hook up with a cougar is every young man’s dream. Finding a hot cougar is another story. These simple hacks are things you can go out and do right now and most likely end up with a night of fun with the cougar of your dreams.