4 Cougar Sex Positions You Have to Try

cougar sex positions

The myth and legend surrounding the cougar will never fade. We stumble upon it ourselves the first time we get a hot teacher or find that our best friend’s mom is a MILF. (What is a MILF?) It is always a bit of a surprise to find out everybody has had those same thoughts. Even more of a surprise to find those older women we are lusting after are as hot and horny as ever and some of them have a thing for younger men. That is a very fortunate thing for younger men, especially those with limited or feeble sexual skill. Cougars have had a few more years of sexual experience and they love to share the knowledge they’ve gained along the way. Some of it will surprise you and some you’ll be somewhat familiar with but here are the top four cougar sex positions that will blow your mind.

Cougar Sex Positions – Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

The cowgirl position is with the woman straddling the gentleman. Ladies of many ages love to ride their guy but it is very prevalent in the mature crowd. Not only that, but they do it better. They take a special pride in their technique and it shows in the performance. Cougar sex positions are usually those that can showcase a woman’s strengths and skills. This position also puts her in charge of her own pleasure, something younger women are often to shy to do. They love being able to look down into your eyes as well. Its sensual, powerful and intimate.

Cougar Sex Positions – Flatiron

A flatiron happens when she lays flat on her stomach with her hips raised slightly and you enter her from behind. Its best if you have a lot of room such as on a mattress or even the floor. This one isn’t good for couches or loveseats. It makes sex last longer if you use short thrusts with some deep breathing and cougars are always for that. It gives a great view of her butt and can be super flattering for curvy girls. For a lot of women who are into it, it shows a bit of submission. She can to pooch her butt out look over her shoulder which is a very hot move. Closing her legs tighter is an option in this position. It both makes her butt look bigger and tightens down on your penis. Win win.

Cougar Sex Positions – Marmalade

With the lovely cougar on the very edge of the bed with her butt balanced precariously and legs forming a giant M, you get a perfect view to enter her. There is much to be said for depth at this angle as well. You can go very deep and look her in the eyes while doing it. Another reason the Marmalade sex position is such a favorite with cougars is they have some motion control. She can rise on her heels and use her elbows or palms to propel herself forward and back.

Cougar Sex Positions – Missionary with More

The missionary position gets a bad rap for being boring or just to vanilla. Cougars make it something far from ordinary, however. Placing her legs over your shoulders is a great way to get extra depth. One leg is another variation that allows for more range of motion for her. Cougars love the penetration factor of this position, and that it can be done with eye contact. Especially limber cougars love to show off their prowess and nimble movements. Cougars aren’t afraid to bump, grind, and rise to the occasion in standard missionary position either. You must be careful with this one, however. If she is a bigger woman it can be physically impossible, embarrassing, or just uncomfortable. Tread carefully. This one is a love it or hate it cougar sex position.

 While these are four cougar sex positions that never fail, the truth is you will have to do a little detective work to find out which positions are her real favorites. Every woman is different, and this includes cougars. Don’t be afraid to come right out and ask her what makes her tick. (The sex positions women like best) Cougars are more self-assured than your average woman, including in the bedroom. They aren’t squeamish about sex and can talk about it openly. Great communication always leads to great sex.