How To Dress To Impress A Cougar

How to dress to impress a cougar

You want to impress the older woman you have a hot date with tonight but you don’t know what to wear. The dilemma that has plagued a nation of young cubs on the way to cougar bliss has never been easy. The truth is a cougar’s likes and dislikes are not much easier to determine than a woman half her age. A woman at any age can be a complicated creature but there are a few tried and true tips to follow that impress even the toughest of cougars. One of those is dressing sharp and making a great impression. If you show up with a great look, it says that you know yourself well and know what styles suit your body type and personality. That’s an immediate turn on. It won’t do to find any outfit hanging in the men’s shop window and rush in to buy it. Clothes do not fit every man the same and every outfit looks different on every man. It takes time to find the right cut, style and colors to knock your cougar off her feet and into your arms.

Overcome Your Flaws

One of the most important things you want to do with your outfit is to cover up your major flaws. That is the most important job of your attire. If you have a beer gut or short legs, you will want to choose an outfit that hides those features. Experiment with stripes and solids and different patterns to find something that positively accentuates your good features while simultaneously playing down the bad. Ask your sister, bff or mom to help in choosing what looks best. You could also ask the saleslady at any store your shopping in. They are trained to help customers with their purchases and no one knows what women like quite like another woman. Don’t forget that age old adage, clothes make the man.

Where You Are Going and What You Are Saying

The clothes you wear will depend upon two things; where the date will be and what you are trying to convey about your personality. If you are going to the beach or the race track or to a sporting event, you obviously don’t want to wear a three-piece suit or any type of formal attire. You also don’t want your clothes to be too binding or restrictive. That is also true if you’re going to a nightclub or upscale eatery. You may be dancing or running or maneuvering through crowds. You also have to consider what you are trying to convey to her about who you are. Cougars love a well put together look, whether it’s a business look, casual attire or something sporty. As long as it is put together well and fits your body proportions, you got it made in the shade.


Just as important as the clothes you have on is your grooming habits. A fresh haircut, shave and nail trim is always in order. Read top grooming tips for men here. You may want to shave your chest, back and nether regions as well. Choose an aftershave and cologne that isn’t overpowering but still has a strong enough scent to smell it without having to embrace her. You’ll want the scent to be inviting, intriguing and enticing. Don’t be afraid to use styling products on your hair, even if you haven’t before. Ask your stylist how to style it when you leave the salon. Start with small amounts of product like gel and work it into the hair until you receive the desired effect. You don’t want stiff or sticky hair so be careful.

Do Your Thing

The way you dress is a great way to show your personal style. The key here is comfort. If you feel comfortable with what your wearing, its clean, and from this century, you’ll be fine. Some guys take this too far and end up in flip flops and Bermuda shorts at a martini bar. No good. When you want to express your personal style go for something more like a tie-dyed tie or neon green socks. Don’t take it too far, especially on the first date. No one wants to be stared at all night or the center of attention.
The key to dressing to impress a cougar is to take your time. Make sure you feel good and you will look good too. A little time spent on a great outfit and some intense personal hygiene will pay-off handsomely at the end of the night. Isn’t that what it’s all about?