Best Craigslist Alternatives for Meeting A Cougar

Best Craigslist Alternatives for Meeting A Cougar

Sadly, Craigslist is no longer the prime cougar hunting ground it once was. What used to be a fertile hunting ground, is now a playground for cops, scammers and sexbots, all waiting to take your money in one form or another. It took a while, but lots of Craigslist alternatives have popped up to replace its adult services section. Some are dating apps, some classified-like websites, and some just plain hookup sites, but they all will work to find you a cougar.

Craigslist Alternatives – Eros

This website is basically an escort rating service and directory. There are definitely some fantastic cougars selling sex on the regular. The caveat is that you have to pay for whatever you find here. These ladies are escorts, and not women looking for a one-night stand or casual sex. It is reliable, however, so if you are in a bad spot and don’t mind forking out the dough you can find a cougar there tonight.

Craigslist Alternatives – OurTime

This Craigslist alternative is focused on older people in general. There are not many younger people who intentionally go to this site to date. Using this app to find a cougar will have you competing against all the older gentleman and silver foxes on board. It is free to browse but charges for their special features. They offer a gold membership, a token-based purchase option. You can browse randomly, search for matches via location, or peruse their suggested matches. Profile set-up is easy and your profile pic can be added later. —> Visit OurTime Here

Craigslist Alternatives – AdsEncounters

AdsEncounters is very much like the Craigslist of our past. If you’re looking for a Craigslist alternative with the same vibe as the original, you’ll love this one. It is 100% free to join and it is all about sex and hook-ups. You register in the city closest to you and place your ad for free. It’s that simple.

Craigslist Alternatives – Oodle

Oodle is another craigslist alternative that closely resembles the original craigslist. You can sell all sorts of things on Oodle. It is not limited to sexual encounters. Like Craigslist, you can also list a personal ad. Sign up is free. You don’t pay to post your ads either. The one difference from Craigslist is that the personal ads are pulled from sites a over the Internet but always coming out of your area. So, you get the benefit of searching a lot of ad sites all in one place. For free. —> Visit Oodle Here

Craigslist Alternatives – BeNaughty

Cybersex, casual encounters, and one-night-stands are all up for the taking on Craigslist alternative site. Cougars enjoy a casual hookup every now and again too. This site is open to people of all ages but it’s not hard to find a cougar. Use the forums, enter a group chat, or check out the Like Gallery to find matches. Browse the site, or search for matches like most any other dating site. They also offer a Best for You section which shows matches chosen by their precise matching system. —> Visit Benaughty Here

Craigslist Alternatives – CougarLife

Cougar Life is one of the oldest and most well-known of all the cougar dating sites. It has a great reputation because of its lengthy history in use. You can see who’s available for fun tonight and who has been looking at your profile all for free. You can also browse for free but most of their other features must be paid for in advance with a membership. There is a $5.00 charge to use the app as well. They do, however, offer a money-back guarantee to make it easier to spend money when so many offer the same service free. —> Visit Cougarlife Here
Sex traffickers and other degenerates have ruined a lot of the Internet for the regular guy. Places like Craigslist and Backpage have gone to the wayside to prevent sex crimes. Craigslist alternatives are everywhere. It just takes time and patience to find one that works for you.