Best Places to Meet A Cougar in Houston

Best Places to Meet A Cougar in Houston

Houston, Texas is officially known as Space City, but it has a lot of unofficial nicknames such as H-Town, Hustle Town and Bayou City. It is the largest city in the state and one of the top largest in the nation (See The List). The city and its outer suburbs are literally bursting at the seams with things to do, see, and experience. Cougars love to expand their horizons and learn new things now that they have worked their whole life and can reap the rewards. If you are thinking of being one of those rewards, you can meet a cougar in Houston pretty simply. Hit one of the Houston cougar attractions and you’ll be amazed by how many you will find.

Meet A Cougar in Houston At Coffee Houses

Cougars love to sit over a steaming cup of joe, or a frothy latte, and pass an hour or two people watching or chatting with friends. It isn’t unusual to find a handful of cougars pleasantly enjoying the day browsing online in a trendy Houston coffee shop. If you’re into hot coffee or iced, just grab yourself a cup and take a look around. There will be more than enough cougars to choose from. For starters, try the Agora on Westheimer Road. It has a homey, relaxed feel, and they serve pastries and deserts.

Meet A Cougar in Houston At Comedy Clubs

What better place to meet a cougar in Houston than at a comedy club? Everyone is already in a good mood. Alcohol and appetizers are served and there is always something to talk about. Cougars enjoy going in groups to a comedy club. Side up to a table of cougars and strike up a fun and easy conversation. It wont take long to be invited to their table and have your pick of fun and feisty cougars. LIST OF THE BEST COMEDY CLUBS IN HOUSTON

Meet A Cougar in Houston At Dog Runs and City Parks

Grab your pup (or a friend’s dog) and head to the local dog run or city park. A cougar adores a man who loves her doggo. Try the Market Street Park. Get out and enjoy the air and sunshine. This makes conversation incredibly easy as your dog makes friends, so can you. There are also a lot of jogging cougars and those playing tennis or doing yoga. Make sure you have a bit of a buff body because cougars like to take care of themselves. Being able to strike up a conversation about whatever she is there doing will make your chances with her skyrocket.

Meet A Cougar in Houston At Historic Tours

Breweries, historic homes, and natural landmarks all offer tours of the area. Cougars use their spare time to educate and enlighten themselves with new adventures all the time. Sign up for one of these interesting tours and you will soon find yourself walking along and chatting with a hot cougar. You’ll soon find yourself discussing your surroundings. Don’t stop there. Continue the conversation onto other interests and tie it all up by asking her out for coffee or a cocktail at the end of the tour. Meeting a cougar in a Houston historic tour makes it simple to take things a little further.

Meet A Cougar in Houston At Reserve 101

This is one of the hottest bars in Houston. They offer beer, wine, cocktails, and a wide assortment of whiskeys. Check out Happy Hour at Reserve 101 if you really want to meet a cougar in Houston. They offer various alcohol tasting events which are always packed with cougars looking for a good time. They feature exotic whiskeys that you won’t find anywhere else. They offer classic cocktails as well as house made specialties.
It isn’t hard to meet a cougar in Houston. The vastness of the city alone guarantees there are cougars aplenty. Don’t let the abundance of available cougars fool you though. You still have to have a beguiling personal style and those traditional manners and conduct that cougars so love. Make sure to brush up on your gentlemanly behavior before you go cougar hunting. That’s a must. You’ll also want to look and smell your very best so don’t scrimp on the primp. Meet a cougar in Houston by being yourself. Cougars love authenticity and can smell a fake a mile away (especially if its wearing cheap cologne).