cougar sex positions

4 Cougar Sex Positions You Have to Try

The myth and legend surrounding the cougar will never fade. We stumble upon it ourselves the first time we get a hot teacher or find that our best friend’s mom is a MILF. (What is a MILF?) It is always a bit of a surprise to find out everybody has had those same thoughts. Even […]

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The Best Cougar Pickup Lines

Best Cougar Pickup Lines

A pickup line is a line of conversation used while flirting to convince the other person to spend some time with you. It is used in any kind of romantic or sexual relationship. It is used by people of all ages and by singles, youngsters, adults and marrieds. It is a fun part of conversation. […]

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How to land the perfect cougar

How to Land the Perfect Cougar

Movies such as The Graduate and American Pie showcase the fun and excitement of dating an older woman. Even songs like Stacey’s Mom (Listen to it here) allude to the sex appeal that cougars enjoy. It is like a fine wine or a delicious desert, you can’t get enough. On top of being hot, sexy […]

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Cougar dating, dating a cougar

5 mistakes Guys Make When Dating A Cougar

Every guy tries their hand at cougar dating and dating a cougar once or twice in his lifetime. Some even settle down for years with women considerably older than them. Its seen much like a rite of passage in many societies. The day a man realizes the many benefits of cougar dating, he sees the […]

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