How to Land the Perfect Cougar

How to land the perfect cougar

Movies such as The Graduate and American Pie showcase the fun and excitement of dating an older woman. Even songs like Stacey’s Mom (Listen to it here) allude to the sex appeal that cougars enjoy. It is like a fine wine or a delicious desert, you can’t get enough. On top of being hot, sexy and alluring, cougars are also smart, independent and confident. With all these advantages it isn’t hard to see why cougars are hard to catch and even harder to tame. Everyone wants to experience what it’s like to be in a sexual relationship with a cougar. Landing the perfect cougar can be tricky but its definitely do-able.

Be in the Right Place

Landing a cougar has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. You can’t just walk into your local pub and find the perfect cougar. Finding the right woman takes some forethought and planning on the location. You won’t usually find a gorgeous cougar at sports bars and corner pubs. You will have more luck in a martini bar, steakhouse lounge or anywhere that serves fine wines. You will know your neighborhood better than anyone else. You know where the older crowd hangs out and where the classier events are held.

Get Introductions

A great way to meet older women is to simply ask around. Ask people you know to introduce you to various connections. Meeting new people is also a great way to find a cougar. The best way to meet a cougar you have had your eye on is to get an intro from a mutual friend or relative. It serves the purpose well but also goes a long way in impressing your cougar. It boosts her ego and makes her feel good to know that you would involve an outside party to get her attention. It is flattering to any cougar.

Take up a New Hobby

Men do this to land any sort of woman, really. Spend your free time learning a new skill solely for the purpose of finding a woman, a cougar, to be exact. Here are 5 hobbies women find sexy. Let’s face it. Your current hobbies of beer drinking, watching old westerns and restoring the ‘75 Chevy in your garage aren’t helping you find the perfect cougar. Why not try something new that also appeals to cougars? Wine tasting, ballroom dancing and a wide variety of art classes are fantastic places to find cougars but they are also really fun hobbies. You’ll get a chance to meet cougars but you’ll also be gaining knowledge that will help you maintain a cougar relationship, which thrive on arts and culture.

Break Out of the Mold

Most men in your age bracket will be attempting to date a cougar in the same way every time they try. Can you imagine how these women feel? Time after time they are confronted with men with the same game, played the same way in the same places. Now imagine the delight of such a woman who meets a young cub with a new perspective. Beyond exciting, it is an opportunity they never pass up. Do something different to woo your woman.

Take Your Time

Don’t be in any rush to get to the end zone. Take your time because each second that passes where you don’t make a move, drives her wild. If you are cool, calm and collected but simultaneously interested and engaging she will be mystified and under your spell. In no time at all she will be putty in your hands. The trick is to bide your time and don’t rush things in the beginning. Allow her time to get to know you and you must allow yourself time to get in your game.
In reality, landing the perfect cougar has less to do with these tips those like them and more to do with just doing your best and following your gut. Be yourself is a great bit of advice to remember when dating a cougar. They can smell a fake a mile away. The real way to land a cougar is to just put your mind to it. You know your area, yourself and your community better than anyone else. Following the above tips can definitely help you land a great cougar but your own intuition and gut instinct will be your best guide. Use your inner nature to guide you through the dating process and you’ll soon find you’ve landed the best cougar in the jungle.