Cougar Dating Advice – Signs Your Cougar Is A Head Case

Cougar Dating Advice - Signs Your Cougar Is A Head Case

In cougar dating, it is a nightmare situation. So much so that there have been books, movies and songs about it. You know what I’m talking about. The horror of dating a crazy cougar. In my humble opinion, cougar dating is one of the greatest joys of male existence and to end up with one who is a head case can be depressing as hell. The advantages to cougar dating are so great, it is almost impossible to imagine anything bad could come from the situation. When you’re spending your days having no-stress fun and your nights having the best sex of your life, little oddities can sneak up on you. Before you know it, you have a whole pile of crazy that you hadn’t noticed. It isn’t always easy to discern actual crazy from just the everyday, quirky female type stuff which all seems a little strange to us guys. Click Here – Signs Your Girl Is Crazy – Here is a little tutorial of the signs your cougar dating may be taking a turn for the worst.

Cougar Dating Should Not Involve Neediness

Cougars are many things, but needy is not one of them. They have lived through enough trials and tribulations to know how to take care of themselves. Most don’t even find that fact to be a point of pride. They simply do it and move on. Their younger counterparts tend to depend on a partner or close friend for everything from emotional needs to grocery lists. Cougar dating is known for its stress-free tendencies so if you find yourself with a cougar who is acting needy you may have more problems on the horizon. Neediness only gets worse as it goes along so be sure to address it as soon as you realize it is happening.

Over the Shoulder Action

Cougars have their own lives going on. They have careers and social obligations and a lot of things to fill their days. For the most part, they don’t need you nor are they concerned with your private matters. If there is a cougar dating a young guy, you can bet it isn’t for his money or career standing. She is interested in sex and fun and not much else. If you are spending time with her in those ways, that is all she is going to care about. If you find yourself with a cougar with more than a passing interest in your personal affairs, pay more attention. Does she read your emails and text messages over your shoulder? Does she eavesdrop on phone calls? This is a sure sign that she has some bat shit crazy issues bubbling under the surface.

Jealousy Should Not Be A Part Of Cougar Dating

The biggest sign of all you have a crazy cougar is if she is super jealous. Most women, in fact, most people in general, have a tiny bit of a jealous streak. It is human nature to be a little jealous or envious of someone who has what you are trying to achieve or have always wanted. Especially in the case of someone you are attracted to, a beautiful woman can bring out the green-eyed monster in many gals. The difference is if your cougar dating experience turns into something like a catfight from high school. Grown women, especially those with some age on them, should have learned long ago that jealousy is a useless emotion. They will still feel the occasional pull but also be able to shelf it with ease.

Her Past is a Mystery

Women with mysterious pasts can be extremely titillating. A cougar dating experience should be a bit mysterious but if you have noticed that she has no contact with anyone from her past, it might be a sign something is wrong. People who repeatedly piss off everyone they know and are always burning bridges tend to be loners. No one wants to be around them, or if they do they want to kill them. Has she introduced her to her family? Have you noticed her getting calls from friends? If she doesn’t talk to anyone but you and her landlord, it might be a sign that she is a head case.
There are a lot of things you can look for that will let you know if your cougar dating experience is headed for the dump. Stay alert and follow your gut. Let your instincts guide you and you’ll spot the crazy train before it pulls into your depot.