Tips for Being in a Serious Relationship with a Cougar

Tips for Being in a Serious Relationship with a Cougar

I don’t have to tell you that cougars are hot. Their confidence and independence can be down right intoxicating. A woman who answers to no one and marches to the beat of her own drum is a tantalizing mystery to most men. To some, dating a cougar is a phase. It is something they have always wanted to try and do not expect to last very long. For many, however, cougars are far more exciting than younger women and they seek a more serious relationship. There are a few things to always keep in mind when your going after a serious relationship with a cougar.

A Serious Relationship with a Cougar Requires Respect

This above any and all things. If a cougar does not feel respected. She will not stick around. Cougars have already lived many years trying to please other people from their parents and boss to their husband and children. At a certain time in life, women begin to live for themselves and make life moves to benefit their own futures. If you do not fit in her life or you do not respect her hustle, be sure you will find yourself kicked to the curb. Give her the same respect you would anyone else in your life.

You Cannot Play Head Games in A Serious Relationship with a Cougar

Cougars do not mess around. If she likes you, you will know it. Cougars go for what they want and make no bones about it. This direct and straightforward approach comes from years of other relationships and other people. Their experience has given them a unique insight to life. Head games are a waste of time and these women can smell a game player a mile away. She knows you are running game before you do, most often. Try running a game on a cougar and you also run the risk of incurring her anger.

A Serious Relationship with a Cougar Has Plenty of Wining and Dining

Take your cougar out as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be an expensive place unless that is what she wants. While cougars love to be out and about with their cubs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need you to spend your whole weeks check on them. Take her to the beach or on a hike. Check out your buddy’s house party together and spend the next morning under a tree at the park watching the ducks and drinking coffee. It doesn’t matter where, just as long as you are out.

Don’t Make Age a Thing in a Serious Relationship with a Cougar

If you want your serious relationship with a cougar to stay that way, do not mention her age, or the age gap over and over an over. She knows how old she is. She knows how old you are too. There is no need to mention it. Not even to say how it doesn’t bother you. If you keep throwing it into every conversation, you aren’t going to be seeing much of her. She will find herself a cub who is to busy enjoying himself to bring up the obvious.

A Serious Relationship with a Cougar Says You Found a Woman Interested in Your Energy Not Your Age

Your age is not necessarily the reason you have found yourself in a serious relationship with a cougar. Cougars are interested in excitement. They like the feeling of their heart beating faster and the hair standing on edge when you come near. The crazy way her breath catches in her throat when you touch her arm is an indicator that your driving her mad. It isn’t your age, but the level of stamina and vigor you bring into her life.
The best tip of all for being in a serious relationship with a cougar is to not take it so seriously. Cougars get involved with younger guys because they miss that devil may care attitude of their own youth. They want to be with someone who lives by the cuff, at least every once in a while. Serious they can get by dating men their own age. Cougars was raw energy. You are just the guy to deliver