Best Cougar Pickup Lines

The Best Cougar Pickup Lines

A pickup line is a line of conversation used while flirting to convince the other person to spend some time with you. It is used in any kind of romantic or sexual relationship. It is used by people of all ages and by singles, youngsters, adults and marrieds. It is a fun part of conversation. Not meant to be serious or emotional. The sole purpose of a pickup line is to intrigue he other person enough to elicit some sexual attraction. If cougars are your intended goal, you’ll need to develop the best cougar pickup lines that you can. This won’t be an easy task. Cougars are hard to sweet talk. They see through baloney. Here are some tips to help make things easier.

Cougar Pickup Lines No. 1 – Can I buy You a Drink?

This is the pickup line that never fails to elicit a response. You will either get a yes or a no, but you will definitely get an answer. You have engaged her in conversation, so now it is up to you to keep it going. Here is where you get witty and clever. Show your personality and give her a chance to see who you really are. Use this cougar pickup line to lead into a more genuine conversation. Ask her questions to help her feel at ease and realize you are genuine.

Cougar Pickup Lines No. 2 – Do I now You from Somewhere?

The old Do I know you from somewhere or the You look familiar lines work best as cougar pickup lines when you have a bit more information. If you happen to know you have friends in common or saw her talking with someone you know, you can mention them to help get her attention. If not, try mentioning a local grocery store or coffee shop. It’s a 50/50 shot. Have I seen you here before sometimes works better, especially if you don’t have other info to throw in.

Cougar Pickup Lines No. 3 – The Direct Approach

Cougar pickup lines work best when you use the direct approach. Cougars are known for their honest, no-nonsense approach and appreciate the same in you. Approach her with an honest compliment with a sincere delivery. Start a relevant conversation with meaning. Be who you are and show a genuine interest in who she is. Cougars are attracted to authenticity. These are the types of cougar pickup lines that work.

Cougar Pickup Lines No. 4 – Seek an Introduction

You can always get an introduction to the cougar of your dreams and forego any cougar pickup lines at all. Find a mutual acquaintance to introduce you to a cougar you have had your eye on or perhaps a blind date, if your friend knows you dig cougars. It can be family, a friend or even just a coworker, as long as you get that introduction and don’t have to come up with a cougar pickup line. You still have to engage her in witty banter and pique her curiosity, however. So, you aren’t completely off the hook.

Cougar Pickup Lines No. 5 – Is that your car in the parking lot?

People love compliments and they love to know you think highly of them. Reputations mean a lot in public society and affirmation that yours is intact is fulfilling. Approach a cougar and ask if the fancy car in the parking lot is hers. Maybe it is and you are impressed with her ride. Maybe you have no idea what she drives but assuming she drives something swanky is a big boost for her ego. A cougar pickup line like this usually makes her laugh and smile which is a great start for any conversation.
Cougar pickup lines are a little different than the lines you’d use for younger women. –> 18 women reveal their most successful pickup links. Older women have heard it all. They have heard all the pickup lines under the sun. Coming up with something real and authentic is important for it to work with a cougar. While this might sound hard at first, it couldn’t be simpler. The key is to relax and be yourself. Cougars are naturally attracted to honesty and authenticity. As long as your approach is real, it will be a great cougar pickup line.