Best Places to Meet A Cougar in Chicago

Best Places to Meet A Cougar in Chicago

The Windy City. Chi-town. Second City. My Kind of Town. Chicago has all these nicknames and more because it is a city that offers to much, including a covey of cute and curvy cougars at your disposal. Perhaps the reason there are so many cougars in Chicago is because of the large amount of entertainment, restaurants, educational, and occupational offerings available. With all these amazing opportunities for it’s citizens and visitors, it is a breeze to meet a cougar in Chicago. Below you’ll find a list of the best places to meet a cougar in Chicago, whether you are visiting or a native.

Meet A Cougar in Chicago At Howl at The Moon

This bar is a franchise that you will find all over the United States, but that doesn’t take away from it’s popularity with cougars. It is a popular party venue with live music and events regularly. These guys love their cougars and even offer a cougar night to celebrate them. It is advertised to the hilt, so if you go here looking for a cougar you will have stiff competition from every other young cub in town. Get your game right, if your cougar hunting here tonight. —> Visit Their Website Here

Meet A Cougar in Chicago At The Wild Hare

This joint is always hopping. It features Reggae music and food with a different band every night. There are several rooms to this bar/restaurant, so you can move around and socialize with ease. Sometimes there is a cover charge. Sometimes there isn’t. It all depends on the band playing that night. Meet a cougar in Chicago by hitting the dancefloor at this popular club or sitting in a darkened corner enjoying the Caribbean inspired dishes with a cool shot of rum. It feels just as if you and your new cougar are on some Caribbean island enjoying the vibe. —> Visit Their Website here

Meet A Cougar in Chicago In A Dance Classes

One of the very best place to meet a cougar in Chicago is in a dance class. Cougars has a wide variety of interests and are past the part in their lives where they care what anyone else thinks. They pursue any interest that beguiles them, and dancing is always popular. Chicago has a ton of dance studios offering classes that cougars adore. Check out Chicago Dance, Arthur Murray Chicago, The Fred Astaire Dance Studio, or the Lou Conte Dance Studio. You are sure to find plenty of cougars to try out your new moves with.

Meet A Cougar in Chicago At Art Galleries

Everyone can appreciate a beautiful piece of art, but many cougars use their new found free time to study and learn about the various local artists and artistic techniques. You can meet a cougar in Chicago and learn something about art simultaneously. The Art Institute of Chicago is a great place to start. Cougars congregate at places like that, where they can surround themselves in the world’s beauty and educate themselves as well.
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Meet A Cougar in Chicago At A Foreign Language Class

Cougars love to learn new things. They also have the time and money to do some traveling. For these reasons, you will often find hot older women attending a foreign language class. There are several places to take a language class in this booming city. Fluent City Chicago, Language Loop, and Jacques International Language Academy can all be the place you meet a cougar in Chicago. It doesn’t matter which language you take, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, it can help lead you to a cougar and broaden your horizons as well.

Meet A Cougar in Chicago At A High-End Shopping Center

Cougars have worked hard all their lives and they have the bank accounts to prove it. Meet a cougar in Chicago by frequenting some of the high-end shopping venues around the city. Designer labels and expensive jewelry are many women’s desire, but it takes an established cougar to be able to afford those things for herself. Visit The Shops at North Bridge, 900 North Michigan Shops, or Pipers Alley Mall and you’ll be surprised at all the receptive cougars you will find. [Best Shopping In Chicago]

Meeting a cougar in Chicago is simple. It is taking the relationship further that requires a bit of skill and finesse on your part. Make sure to brush up on your communication skills and have your pick-up game [ VIDEO – How to Pick-up Older Woman] in order. You may only get one chance.