Can You Meet Cougars On The New Dating App First?

Can You Meet Cougars On The New Dating App First?

New dating apps appear every month. All performing the same basic tasks with just a slight variation. The goal of any dating app is to hookup two people. The variations they all try to come up with are aimed at perfecting those hookups. They want to somehow cut to the chase and get two users together. Most often, this is done by appealing to some mutual interest. It could be a sexual interest but also a commonality based on anything in their lives. A popular characteristic many men look for in a dating app is older women. The dating app First has common but effective ways of helping men find a cougar who is ready to play.

The Dating App First Does Away with the Swipe

The dating app First may be the most revolutionary dating app of the century as it has done away with the swipe technology so many dating apps depend on. Instead, the dating app First takes a whole different approach that cuts out the back and forth banter. Users sign up with their Facebook profile and then either post a date or agree to go on one. If you have a date idea, you post where, what time, and who will pay, and wait for a response. You may get one or many. You decide who to go with. On the other hand, you may browse the dates and see something that interests you. Submit a request to join her on the date and see if she choses you.

The Dating App First Aims to Eliminate the Hassle

The dating app First was developed in order to circumvent the weeks and sometimes months people spend chatting online and on the phone getting to know each other. There is a lot of back and forth banter that amounts to nothing but wasted time and energy. It is even worse when you finally meet just to discover there is no real chemistry between you. What seemed like fire online can quickly sputter out when you see each other in person. This app forces people to go out on a date immediately. There is no time for talk. No emails are allowed. Nor phone number exchanges. Once you accept a date with someone, the next step is to meet. Cougars really dig this no-nonsense approach to dating. A cougar is a woman who does not play games and can smell a playboy a mile away. This upfront approach to dating is something that draws cougars.

Looking for a Cougar on the Dating App First

The only way to get a date with a cougar on the dating app First is if you accept one. It can be as simple or as hard as you make it. Cougars who are members of the site will post their dates. Keep your eyes peeled for them. They will be to places like art galleries, martini bars and wineries. You can probably find a cougar behind a post for a date to a classic film festival or a book reading. While all these things are traditionally a cougar’s type of fun, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a ton of younger women interested in the same things. Or a plethora of cougars who love Fish concerts and hookah lounges. The alternative is posting your own date ideas and accepting dates with older women.

Cater Your Posts on the Dating App First to Entice Cougars

It is obvious that not all cougars will fall into the stereotypical category of older woman. She is already a little different because she likes younger guys. Its par for the course that many of her other tastes may run different as well. Tailor your date posts to something that interests you but something that would interest anyone in the age range you are searching for. You will get a variety of different age group responses. Accept those from cougars only. Modify your next post. Tweak it here and there until you begin to see more of a response from cougars than other women. Be open and honest. Say upfront you are looking for an older woman and you’ll be surprised by the number of gorgeous older women you will meet.
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