Cougar Dating Tips For The Summer

Cougar Dating Tips For The Summer

Like all wild animals, the illustrious female cougar (a woman who dates considerably younger men) come out in abundance in the summer time. It seems no matter where you go, there are a few hot older ladies casting their eye toward you. If you have never dated a cougar before, you’re in for a treat. These women have life experience that has given them a super sexy confidence that is hard to deny. There is only one problem. They aren’t that easy to pick up. Cougars love to date young men but that isn’t the only prerequisite. You must have a fun, easy-going personality, personal style, and an adventurous spirit. If you are saying, That’s me! You still have some work to do to catch a cougar. Here are the top cougar dating tips for the summer.

Cougar dating tips for the summer #1 – Cougars Like it Clean

Just because temperatures are rising, and you are sweating doesn’t mean you can get away with smelling bad. Cougar dating requires a certain level of personal hygiene. Always use a deodorant/antiperspirant combo. Never go without it. Keep an extra can in your vehicle as well. Always wear cologne, but not too much. It is best to choose a pricey brand, so it stays on for a while. If you can’t afford it, buy a knock-off brand. You’ll have to reapply occasionally, but it will save you some cash. It is a smart idea to keep some cologne in your vehicle too, just in case. Cougar dating means more than just keeping yourself clean. You’ll need to keep a tidy home and vehicle too, if you plan to have her inside them.

Cougar dating tips for the summer #2 – You Have to Dress Sharp for Cougar Dating

Dating a cougar doesn’t mean you have to have a Ralph Lauren suit or Louis Vuitton shoes. In fact, you can shop for all your clothing at Wal-Mart and still date a cougar. The key is to have your own unmistakable personal style. Don’t be afraid to go outside your normal style box. If need be, check out some of the men’s fashion magazines and imitate the styles you like with more affordable garments. Dress for the occasion. If you are taking your cougar to the beach, its OK to wear sandals. If your going to dinner, spring for some dress shoes. Here are some tips for men’s fashion on a budget.

Cougar dating tips for the summer #3 – Personality Matters

Just being young isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Age isn’t the only thing that attracts a cougar. Cougar dating requires an intriguing personality as well. All women like a guy who makes them laugh. Brush up on your comedy skills. This doesn’t mean that you need a standup routine, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few witty one-liners to pull out at the appropriate moment. Use your manners. You can get away with being a bit silly and crude with some younger girls, but not with a cougar. Open her doors for her and pull out her chair. It will go a long way.

Cougar dating tips for the summer #4 – Good Conversation is a Must

Football scores and last night’s episode of Game of Thrones are great topics if she is in to that sort of thing. If not, you might be in trouble. Make sure that you can talk about a variety of subjects. Watch the local news. Read a newspaper. Catch up on current affairs and some not so current events. Do a little research in art, history, and theology. Once you have spent a little time with her it will be easier to tell what she is interested in. Knowing the basics about her career is a good place to start. Another good conversation topic is neighborhood history or trivia. This is especially good if she is new to the area but even if she is from the area she will enjoy the discussion. Talking to a cougar is easier than you think. Don’t get anxious. She enjoys your youthful vigor, but also the love for life that young people have.
Remember, cougars want the whole ball of wax. You need to be young, charming, clean and appealing. It’s up to you to capitalize on what you have and invest in what you don’t.