How To React If Your Older Girlfriend Wants To Be Your Sugar Momma

Dating A Sugar Momma

Dating a cougar can be more complicated than your average relationship with a woman your age. In your 20s, you are most likely still trying to figure your life out and are not very financially stable. Your cougar girlfriend, on the other hand, is likely financially comfortable and already knows exactly what she wants out of life (or at least knows what she hasn’t liked so far). Still, millions of men have successful relationships with cougars every year and it’s by no means difficult if you can get over the taboo. What do you do, though, when the dynamic of your relationship with an older woman shifts from more serious to less serious and she wants to become your sugar momma?

It’s Not Just About The Money

Let’s get more specific. One big concern for most older women looking to date younger men is that the younger man will end up relying on her financially and she will just end up being used and hurt. This is why it’s important to establish in your cougar-cub relationship that money isn’t an issue for either of you and just be financially respectful with each other. Maturity is, after all, the bedrock off these relationships. How do you react though if your older girlfriend goes to the other end of the spectrum and tells you that she wants to be your sugar momma?
First of all, you need to decide if you want a sugar momma style relationship to be serious because at this point it is no longer a serious for her. This may be a bit emotionally rough for you if, up to this point, this was a serious romantic relationship for you. From this view, her proposal to make things less serious and more financial can be hurtful, even if it does technically benefit your bank account. Now, if this was just a friends-with-benefits situation in the first place, then maybe all this is to you is the addition of another benefit. Either way, your reaction should come from how you have viewed the relationship up to this point.

Are you OK With The Role Reversals

If you weren’t taking the relationship too seriously anyway, then you next need to figure out if you’re even comfortable with this type of arrangement. Money is a tricky subject. It’s possible that you may really need to money or a new car or really want that vacation, and here it is on a silver platter. Some guys will be sold and have no problem with it. More power to you, you can stop reading this article here and go enjoy your sugar momma. Still, some men may have some moral issues with a situation like this for a couple reasons. First of all, a friends-with-benefits relationship turned sugar-momma relationship tends to feel more like prostitution than most men are comfortable with. Most men also don’t like the idea of feeling like they owe her something for all of the great gifts, dinner, and vacations she wants to provide for him. Maybe she gets off on the idea of you needing her, but the question is, do you?

What Is Her Motivation To Be A Sugar Mamma

If up until this point, everything about this situation seems fine, then the last thing you need to do is consider her motivation for wanting to be your sugar momma instead of just your girlfriend or friend-with-benefits. Sure, maybe she just think it would be sexy to have you completely dependent on her for the luxuries you’ve grown used to. If you’re cool with that, then go enjoy and get as much out of it as you can before it goes down in flames. This situation also arises sometimes when the cougar wants to do exciting things that she knows her cub can’t afford, like go on expensive cruises and fancy dinners. If she wants to have some fun with you and would rather just foot the bill than be handcuffed by your 24-year-old financial crater of student loans and credit card debt, then screw it. She wants to have some fun with you and you can get some amazing experiences out of the deal. Just make sure she doesn’t have more nefarious motivations at play. Some people like to try to manipulate others with money and you could land in a bad place with that game very quickly. Read the signs your lover is manipulating you here. There could also be some legal reasons involved that you may not be one hundred percent savvy to until it’s too late.
The key here is that, if your cougar girlfriend wants to become your sugar momma, transparency is key. Be upfront and find out exactly what she wants and why and decide if it’s the kind of relationship you want. If this isn’t a relationship that’s meant to stand the test of time anyway, then grab life and hold on riding your rich older girlfriend’s coattails.