A look At The Top Cougar Dating Sites Online

Top cougar dating sites

More frequently these days, people are focusing on their careers first and worrying about relationships later. Add in newly-divorced women and those who never had the desire to settle down, and you’re looking at a surprisingly large number of cougars now looking or young men to fulfill their fantasies, show them some adventure, or even just try to match their libido. And hey, maybe you’re a young guy looking for a woman with a wealth of sexual and practical experience, some money tucked away, or just something a little more exotic than the same 24-year-old cut-out girls you keep dating every week.
The relationship between the sexy cougar and the fit young man is as old as time, and incredibly important to add flavor to the dating pool. And as with most things, the internet has only made finding a cougar who fits your bill even easier with a variety of dating websites that do what dating websites are meant to do: match you up with exactly what you want and ensure that both of you have a great time with one another. So, in case you’re here looking for the older woman of your sexual fantasies, let’s take a look at some of the more popular cougar dating websites out there to catch yourself a cougar.

1. Cougar Dating Site – Age Match

One of the few less-obvious dating sites out there to find a cougar is AgeMatch.com. Not just for cougars, Age Match is a great way for anyone looking to date outside of their age range, whether you’re a younger or older man or woman. Its easy-to-use interface is perfect for anyone to slowly dip back into the dating pool and find some confidence. One drawback is that this can be one of the more expensive cougar dating sites to use depending on how much use you want to get out of it. In addition, this high-quality pricing does not necessarily reflect the actual quality of the site. For many older users who aren’t as tech-savvy as some of the younger users, they’ll enjoy the simplicity. for many of us, however, that same simplicity becomes a hindrance.

2. Cougar Dating Site – Cougar Fling

CougarFling.com is inexpensive and simple to use for anyone who is not very serious about finding a cougar online and would rather use it as a supplemental tool to expand their dating repertoire. The only trouble with Cougar Fling is that the number of users is laughably low, forcing their online dating pool to be a bit more shallow than expected. So, if you just want to use a dating site and nothing else for your cougar search, you may want to try one of these other sites. Just remember that it isn’t free, so spend your cash wisely.

3. Cougar Dating Site – Older Women Dating

Older Women Dating is a little more expensive than some of the other options listed here, but it is also regarded as the best site for finding a suitable cougar (and for a cougar to find a suitable cub). The site is very private for those of us that are a little worried about any stranger being able to view all of our information, but this perk also sacrifices some of the more fun features that other sites include which lose certain privacy settings. However, there is a versatile mobile app for those of us who are constantly on-the-go.

4. Cougar Dating Site – Cougared

Cougared.com is one of the only (if not THE only) cougar dating sites that has a large member base while being completely free to register and create a profile. Whether you’re looking for a quick hookup, dinner at a romantic restaurant, or a relationship, Cougared can easily provide whatever you need. Cougared is also one of the longest-running dating sites around for matching cougars and cubs, so you know they have had plenty of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

5. Cougar Dating Site – Cougar Life

Cougar Life is FREE for cougars and comparatively inexpensive for those of us looking to find the hot older woman of our dreams. CougarLife.com is probably the most well-known cougar dating site since it is one of the only ones that has gotten covered on a few media outlets, and it can boast the member base to match those expectations. The payment options are a little confusing since members need to buy credits to do certain things on the site, making the design and use of the website a little more intricate compared to the rest of the cougar dating sites on this list. Still, tons of members brag about having the best luck talking to people, getting dates, or getting laid using Cougar Life. It’s hard to argue with results!