Best Places to Meet a Cougar In San Francisco

San Francisco is known for so many things. California is a state of sunshine and ocean waves, and San Francisco revels in all that and more. Cougars cover this sexy city by the dozens. When they leave the lair, there are a few places they always hit on the evening agenda as they scour the streets for eligible cubs. Meeting a cougar in San Francisco is easy. It is the rest of the relationship that can be difficult. Cougars take no prisoners and play no games. You have to come with your best game to talk a cougar into a date. So, get your game straight, your best duds on and head out to one of these cougar haunts to give it a try.

Meet a Cougar In San Francisco at Harry’s Bar

Tis authentic city landmark will have you feeling like a local in no time. Harry’s Bar has been in business for over 35 years and shares a place in the hearts of every local resident you see. Cougars love the classic drink menu and the $6 house wines during happy hour. The weekly promotions and house specials keep cougars and cubs alike interested and coming back night after night. So, no matter what night you get out to meet a cougar in San Francisco, you’ll find one enjoying the nightly special at Harry’s.

Meet a Cougar In San Francisco at Balboa Café

Cougars gather at Balboa Café, but these girls are of a higher ilk. When you meet a cougar in San Francisco at the Balboa Cafe, you can rest assured she won’t be chugging bear or cheering her team. Balboa cougars are refined and elegant. To impress these girls, you’ll have to be a real charmer and have the confidence to match hers. Appletinis and Cosmo’s usually rule the roost here, but that isn’t to say you can’t find a good old-fashioned hamburger that would impress any rancher. Their burgers are known as the best in the city and they have a variety of events and happening too.

Meet a Cougar In San Francisco at Momo’s

This casually elegant restaurant and lounge is right across from ATT Park and a perfect spot for cougars to pick up hot cubs coming out of the park after baseball games and sporting events. There is plenty of outdoor dining space and trendy menu items that change weekly. They are open for brunch through dinner with a happy hour that draws cougars from all over town. They like to sit on the front deck so be sure and check that out first.

Meet a Cougar In San Francisco at Mars

Mars is a friendly neighborhood bar and grill that draws cougars for its gorgeous patio which is heated in the colder months, so you can always enjoy the neighborhood. Besides the great happy hour specials there are several events and happenings every week. You can spot a cougar here at lunch or dinner and weekends are always packed. The great location has it central to a lot of shopping and entertainment venues too. It isn’t difficult to meet cougars in San Francisco with a trip to Mars.

Meet a Cougar In San Francisco at District Wine Bar

At District Wine Bar you will find not just fine foods, but wines, art and an ambience that attracts cougars by the bus load. Enjoy a rich cigar, aged wine, and seasoned cougar at any of the sophisticated events and happenings at this local gem. You’ll find cougars enjoying the atmosphere at brunch and dinner with a happy hour that packs the house even on week nights. This is a wine bar with a different concept. The cougars you’ll find here are urban girls with busy, full lives. Check in at District if you’re looking for a cougar with a lot on her plate and a schedule to vie your own.
San Francisco is a great place to meet anyone at all, but it is especially advantageous if your hoping to meet cougars. Women in this area take extremely good care of themselves. Their looks stay with them long into their golden years. Cougars rival women half their age in looks and achievements in San Francisco. Check out some of these cougar hot spots to see for yourself.