Biggest Advantages of Dating a Cougar

Biggest Advantages of Dating a Cougar

Is there any but advantages to dating a cougar? If so, I am not aware of them. As a matter of fact, I don’t think many men are aware of the disadvantages if they exist. The stigma of an older woman and younger man has never been properly explained. The age of attraction is not a solid, constant thing. It is different for every person. Older women are attracted to younger men for a whole slew of reasons and the least of which is not the excitement factor. These women have passed a lot of the stressful years and are ready to enjoy the fruits of their labors. While there are tons of benefits for both men and women in these relationships, it is the cougar’s benefits that most people want to talk about. Here, we will discuss some of the many benefits to the guy dating a cougar.

Dating a Cougar Means Sex is not a Guessing Game

When you are dating a cougar, you know that sex is not going to be an issue. Cougars are interested in cubs for many reasons but one of them is definitely sex. They desire the hard, young bodies of younger men but they also desire the stamina, energy and excitement that younger men bring to the table. The strong desire for sex is a mix of hormones, aging and life experiences that lead them to be more open in their sex lives and unafraid to seek out things they have always wanted to try. Dating a cougar is a sexual awakening for a lot of men.

Dating a Cougar is Low Maintenance Dating

Cougars are self-sufficient. They do not require 24/7 attention. They do not want to be with you all the time or to even be with you every day. Cougars have their own thing going on. They do not need another person to hold their hand all day and walk them through life like so many of the younger women today. They have lived their own lives and been through all types of life experiences. It takes a lot to get a cougar to react to drama or insanity. She understands that there is no use in getting bent out of shape to any of life’s problems. Dating a cougar is one of the lowest maintenance relationships you will ever have in your life.

Dating a Cougar Means No Worries About Pregnancy or Marriage

Cougars have already been married, maybe several times. They have probably had children and perhaps raised a grandchild or two. They have been through all of these life experiences already. Dating a cougar is a relief from dating those women who still have that first wedding and family to look forward too. Younger women are hoping each day that circumstances will arise leading to a marriage and family. This can be tiring and sometimes take the fun out of the relationship.

You Have a Seasoned Professor On-hand When You Date a Cougar

You receive multiple benefits when you date a cougar. Most of them come in the form of knowledge. Cougars have lived through a lot of life’s most trying and amazing experiences. They have learned lessons and witnessed life first-hand. Dating a cougar gives you the unique opportunity to learn from her. Listen to what she has to say. Respect her opinions and let her teach you new things. It is a benefit of dating a cougar that will change your life.

Dating a Cougar is Financially Freeing

Cougars are not newbies. They have been in the workforce for longer than your last girlfriend was alive. These women know how to make a dollar and can stretch a nickel until its paper thin. They have invested, played the stock market and have a 401K. They do not need, nor do they count on your manager at Applebee’s salary. If you date a cougar, you should pay for dates like every other human who eats but you’ll have the advantage of a date who has ready cash for the little extras. Date a cougar because you are interested in her as a person, but its OK to enjoy all the perks of dating a cougar as well.