How To Meet Cougars On Hinge

How To Meet Cougars On Hinge

Hinge is a relatively new dating app hoping to take advantage of the dwindling interest in apps like Tinder. The company even bills itself as the anti-Tinder dating app. They acquired almost 10,000 hopeful users before the app even launched. They rolled the app out slowly, city by city, introducing it to potential users. It is a strategy that seems to work as they have got the word out that it is easy to meet cougars on Hinge. While much of this apps services and features are like any other dating app. There are a few great tricks to meet cougars on Hinge. —> DOWNLOAD HINGE HERE

The safety features help guys meet cougars on Hinge

Cougars are all about staying safe online in the dating world. Cougars have some life experience behind them and know the dangers that are out in the world. Safety online is a big deal for them. You can meet cougars on Hinge so easily because they market to older women concerned with safety. This plan works so well the app has a 50 – 50 men/woman ratio. That is something that is virtually unheard of, since most dating apps are mainly male populated.

Meet cougars on Hinge with its Facebook connect features

You don’t have to hook up with “randos” to meet a cougar on Hinge. Hinge uses your Facebook connections to hook you up with cougars who are the real deal. Their public interests and favorite places are used to hook up people that will have things in common. You get full disclosure of your matches full name, age, and common friends. You can even meet somewhere who works where you do. Another Facebook perk is that they use your Facebook profile for your profile on Hinge. An interesting point about the Facebook connection is that it doesn’t show your relationship status. You can be married on Facebook and still get matches on Hinge.

Meet cougars on Hinge by using their age adjustment features

Hinge allows for the adjustment of several of their features to make your experience more personal. If your goal is to meet cougars on Hinge, you’ll want to adjust your age range appropriately. Set your scale from 45 – 65 years of age. You’ll be able to meet cougars on Hinge who fit the age range you’ve specified.

You can meet cougars on Hinge by using the app

The Hinge app is super easy and fun to use. The profile set-up is instantaneously because its done through Facebook. You get a quick email explaining the whole situation with tips on how you can meet a cougar on Hinge. The down-side is there is not much room for creativity on the profile. Its pretty basic as far as what it pulls off Facebook.

No complicated techniques to keep you from meeting cougars on Hinge

The Hinge app ad the way it matches users works much like any other dating app. You can see only one match at a time until you make a decision. Then you are shown the next. You only get a set number of matches a day and you are told which Facebook friends you have in common, so you can ask your friends about your match.

Meet cougars on Hinge through your friends

This technique may not work as well if you are looking for another type of woman, but friend connections work really well when you want to meet cougars on Hinge. Cougars tend to stay as safe as possible. If she knows someone who knows and can vouch for you, you’ll find it far easier to get a date.

Cougar friendly techniques make meeting cougars on Hinge easy

Cougars don’t like to waste time. Efficiency is the name of the game when your dating a cougar. The features are easy to use when you want to meet people outside your age range. While any app can be used to meet cougars, Hinge is extremely open to all age groups. Meeting a cougar for any type of relationship takes patience and a bit of charisma. Your best tip, no matter which app your using, is be confidence in yourself.