Best Tinder First Messages For Meeting Cougars

Best Tinder First Messages For Meeting Cougars

There was once a time when in order to meet cougars you had to find out where they hung out, or be introduced to one by chance, or hook up with a friend’s mom. That was it. Those were your choices to meet cougars. Basically, you depended on luck. In this age of technology, however, we have the magnanimous dating app to help us meet cougars and they are more effective at it than you’d think. While there are a few cougar-oriented dating apps, the best way to meet cougars is just checking out plain ol’ Tinder. Adults of all ages use this app to find a date and cougars are no exception. Here however we are going to provide some examples of Tinder first messages for meeting cougars
Tinder is a dating app that shows singles pics of each other and allows them to swipe on the pic for interest or disinterest. If both users show interest in each other, they are encouraged to introduce themselves. If the interest is even stronger, then a meeting can be arranged. This works to meet cougars too. The real trick is learning which kind of first line will make the most time with cougars. While difficult, but not impossible, it takes a bit of trial and error to make sure you get the perfect pick-up line. Start by knowing what not to throw out there as a first message. Lame come-ons about how sexy she is or how lovely her eyes are will not work. Nothing you have ever used before, in fact, will work to meet cougars so go ahead and scratch them all now. It is time to move into the big leagues.

The Best Tinder First Messages For Meeting Cougars Starts With her profile

The best place to start with pick-up lines to meet cougars is their own profile. Make your first message on Tinder to a cougar about something on her profile. Connect with her about one of her likes, dislikes, hobbies or career. Picking something from her profile shows that you took the time to look at her profile and read her words and not just stared at her pic. She will know that you’re not one of the many weirdo perverts that populate Tinder and will instead see you as a person with which she may want to spend some time.
A great first line on any site or in any situation with a cougar is to invoke some emotion. Excitement, flattery, happiness – any emotion, including a playful insult is better than a common line about how she is. An example line to spark some emotion includes:
Hiya! You remind me of an 80’s Madonna. Not because I want a virgin or I’m desperetly seeking Susan but more because of that adorable girlish grin your sporting.
Use some mystery and intrigue when you can as well with lines like:
Hi Jessica. I just asked the Magic 8 Ball what to say to the woman with the prettiest eyes on Tinder. You’ll won’t believe what she told me.

Keep Your Tinder First Messages For Meeting Cougars Unique When You Want To Meet Cougars

There really is no perfect line to meet cougars on Tinder. The best lines are those that are unique to the woman you are talking too. Don’t forget that you won’t get an answer from every cougar you message, regardless of how good your pick-up line is. You also will not get every cougar out on a date who messages you back. You shouldn’t want that to happen anyway because you will end up with more women than you care to deal with on your hands and you won’t even like half of them. You should shoot for three to seven out of ten women you message to respond. If you can manage those stats you are doing really well. – Read Why Tinder Matches Wont Reply Here

There Are Many Options For Meeting Cougars On Tinder

You can meet cougars on Tinder with any number of different first messages but you have to plan them carefully. The trick is to do some thinking and not pop off with something perverted because that rarely works and when it does, you usually don’t like the women it works on. Most importantly, don’t take Tinder too seriously. If you don’t get the first response, you can still meet cougars anywhere else in the entire world. Most women just use Tinder as a laugh or to pass the time anyway.