Best Places To Meet Cougars In Miami

Best Places To Meet Cougars In Miami

Miami, the seaport city that may be the most famous of them all. Known for South Beach and the nightlife, shopping, and sights that accompany it, Miami is a phenomenal area to meet cougars. There is so much natural beauty in this city you can easily find a cougar at the zoo, botanical garden or any art gallery. The weather and surroundings keep the multitudes in outdoor cafes and natural environments all through the year. For more intimate encounters with closer conversations more likely, check out a few of these places to meet cougars in Miami.

Meet Cougars in Miami at the Famous Nikki Beach Club

You simply cannot talk about cougars in Miami without mentioning the Nikki Beach Club. It is one of South Beach’s landmark nightclubs. It has beachfront access onto one of the most famous streets of the city; Ocean Drive. You can have your meal in the indoor dining room or alfresco by the beach. The Sunday brunch is an elaborate affair complete with carving stations and sushi bar. Cocktails are incredibly cheap for such a famous place and you can enjoy them at a rented cabana, liunger or beach bed for the afternoon. Imagine laying up for the weekend with a cougar and a stream of $7 Mimosas. Heaven right here on earth.

Smith and Wollensky is Where You Can’t Help but Meet Cougars in Miami

The Smith and Wollensky steakhouse is open seven days a week and offers a special toast to the setting sun each day at 4pm with specially crafted classic cocktails and a well-curated wine list. The ocean view from the few prized patio tables showcases huge cruise ships as they slowly crawl by on the Government Cut waterway on their way out to sea. The atmosphere is classically beautiful and draws cougars by the handfuls each evening for the nightly toast. Their selection of steaks is unprecedented and renown as the best across the city.

Mynt Lounge is the Secret Place to Meet Cougars in Miami

Mynt lounge is a great place to meet cougars away from the craziness of South Beach. Try your luck in the Collins Park District where things are a little more subdued. Mynt is an unassuming little joint, at least by Miami standards, but doesn’t slouch in the crowd department. They offer a bottle service that wow’s the cougars and an early party scene for the people out and about before midnight. There are some well-placed tables, go-go dancers, and an eclectic cocktail menu that can get really pricey if you aren’t careful. Cougars love this place for its exclusivity. Expect to find some classier than average cougars milling about.

Meet Cougars in Miami at the Sunset Lounge

The Sunset Lounge at the Mondrian Hotel is another easy spot to catch a cougar. The bar overlooks Star Island with a view of the Downtown Miami skyline. The atmosphere is very exciting and is constantly in motion. Patrons come dressed to the nines and ready to mingle. Everyone is friendly and talkative and just genuinely happy to be in Miami in a swanky lounge. The topiary makes the fairytale atmosphere perfect when you want to slip away for an unseen conversation. The pool deck, stark white lobby and well-manicured lawns lend a whimsical, fantasy environment that makes it hard to stay grounded. Cougars feel like fairy princesses with you are their prince charming in this trendy lounge.

Meet Cougars in Miami on the Rooftop at Area 31

All the well-dressed professionals meet at Area 31 for their amazing happy hour cocktails. They make a game out of it as their Beat the Clock Happy Hour and raise the prices each hour. They have rum and cigar pairings, cheap Champaign and classic tunes to lure the classiest cougar around. There’s always a new deal to take advantage of and a new draw for the crowds. Cougars love the haughty atmosphere and the chance to dress up for a drink.
Miami has no shortage of cougars. The weather and natural beauty of the surroundings draws all sorts of people so there is no wonder the cougar population is so high. Take advantage of the youthful beauty all the sea air imparts and check out these Miami cougar hot spots.