8 Cougar Dating Intro Message Tips That Will Get Her Attention

Cougar Dating Intro Message - 8 Tips to get her attention

So, you have decided you want to see what all the hype is about and find yourself a cougar. There are many ways to find and spot a cougar in the wild but you have decided to cut to the chase and just find one online so you know what you’re dealing with and forgo the guessing games. You may expect hooking up with a cougar to be drastically different than with a younger woman and that is both true and false. Cougars are, after all, just women. Just like any woman, they enjoy honest compliments and romance but there is a certain no bullshit façade that all cougars have firmly in place that helps them tell the game players from the authentic fellas. This is never so true than in the beginning of a cougar/cub relationship. Her guard is up and she can smell a line of crap a mile away. Your best bet is to remain honest, authentic and open during the whole relationship but especially during those first few message exchanges in the beginning. Below you will find eight tried and true intro messages that will get her attention.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #1 – State Your Name and Number

This is deceptively simple but there is a trick. Cougar dating is different that dating younger women in that cougars don’t play games. The cutesy B.S. you fed your high school girlfriends just won’t cut it. Simply sending a quick hello with your name and info is a straight to the point response that cougars appreciate. Don’t use net-speak or emojis. CLICK HERE – To Lean what every emoji really means. Just a quick to the point message will work wonders.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #2 – No Physical Compliments

It is a classy move not to use any compliments on her appearance in the opening lines. If you feel you must compliment her, try complimenting her use of language, intelligence or even her pets if there are photos of them. It is important to spell everything correctly and not to use slang or abbreviations. It is a turn off to a woman who views such things as trivial and childish.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #3 – No Greeting

A recent study from the dating site OKCupid showed that sending a first message with a greeting like Hi, Hello or Hey elicited less responses than unusual greetings like How’s it going, What’s up or even Howdy. Even stranger still was the fact that those men who did not use a greeting but jumped right into whatever they wanted to say got more responses than those who opened with a mundane hello. This attests to the fact that cougars are all about getting down to business.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #4 – Shared Interests

One of the most successful opener of all for a cougar is mentioning your shared interests. Read her profile carefully and pay attention to what you find. Cougar dating is all about a connection and one sure fire way to show that is by mentioning a shared interest you discovered in her bio. Even something simple like watching movies, reading, swimming or biking can work wonders.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #5 – Career

If your cougar dating experience leads you to a woman in your own field of work, you’re a lucky man. Cougar are independent and financially secure. Mentioning the similarities between your careers in an instant way of garnering respect and interest form a cougar. It shows her your mind isn’t on sex alone and if it is, it is going to be a deeply connected experience. Your choice to use career and work to form a connection with her tells her you can intellectually stimulate her and that is something cougars find hard to resist.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #6 – Let Her Know Your Took an Interest

Cougar dating is all about going out of the box. Telling her she has a nice rack will not get you the same response it will from a younger woman. A cougar would much rather read something that shows you did a little homework besides just a leering glance at her tits. Using phrases like – you mentioned, I noticed that, Im curious what you meant by – all let her know that you took a bit of time to read her bio and look through her profile. It gives her the feeling that you are interested in more than sex and if not, the sex will be better than a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am situation.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #7 – Tone it Down

Studies have shown that during cougar dating it helps if a guy is a little self-effacing. This follows us into the first message platform where uber-confidence bordering on arrogance will not get you even the first response. Admitting you feel awkward or a little uncomfortable is endearing to a cougar.

Cougar Dating intro message tip #8 – Current Events

Cougar dating throws you into a world of women who care about the world more than their color of lipstick. They are interested in the world around them and what’s going on. Working a current event into the opening line can only help. Brush up on current news before you attempt any first messages.