Top 5 Reasons To Date A Cougar

Top 5 Reasons You Should Date A Cougar

The reasons to date a cougar are many and varied. There is always a bright side when you have a cougar in your corner. This explains why more and more younger men are dating above their age bracket. Everyone from celebrities to the boy next door is shaking up their love lives with some cougar action. As society has progressed women have become increasingly more comfortable with their own bodies and sexuality. The truth is that women have always been attracted to younger men and vice versa. It just wasn’t always socially acceptable.

Reason #5 To Date A Cougar: No Drama Mama

Cougars tend to be less superficial and concentrate more on things that really matter in life. Happiness, contentment, safety, feeling good; these are all things that really make a difference in a person’s life and cougars strive to keep them all present in their lives. They tend to not get as upset at the things younger women do. Chances are good she isn’t going to bite your head off if you don’t put down the toilet seat or don’t feel like going out on the town Saturday night. She is more concerned about getting in adequate snuggle time and making sure there is enough beer in the fridge. You wont catch a cougar getting miffed if you want to grab a beer with the guys or spend time with your bro at the gym. The fight just isn’t worth it to them.

Reason #4 To Date A Cougar: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

One of the very best reasons to date a cougar is they are most often great cooks. They have already raised a family and had a marriage or two. They know how to take care of themselves and the people they love and that includes a nice meal and some great snacks. Younger women tend to enjoy eating out night after night and while that may get old to you, it never seems to deter her. Younger girls enjoy going out as often as you can take her mostly because they can’t cook. Cougars have mastered that skill long ago and have no qualms about fixing you a home cooked meal on the regular instead of going out night after night.

Reason #3 To Date A Cougar: Cougars are Independent

I don’t mean they can drive themselves to work every day and pump their own gas. I mean they are entirely independent. They have great, productive jobs, pay their own bills and work their own schedules. They gave up depending on men long ago and the results are glamorous. You wont see a cougar pouting to get her way or showing some leg for another martini. No, they prefer to do it themselves, get it themselves and be all they can be. You never have to worry about her asking you to pay her cable bill or make a car payment.

Reason #2 To Date A Cougar: Cougars Know the Benefits of Self Care

Younger women can be hot. The tight, toned body and unending stamina is a definite turn on. What most men don’t realize is that all that partying, drinking, smoking and whooping it up is hard on the body. Have you ever seen one of those hard partying girls that grew up? They look like hell. Cougars learned long ago that taking care of yourself means a lot more than buying expensive face cream and pricey cosmetics. It has a lot more to do with eating balanced meals, regular exercise, moderate alcohol intake and getting enough sleep. Most women figure this out at some point in their lives just not always in time to save their looks.

#1 Reason To Date A Cougar: Appreciation

This is a biggie. There really is nothing like dating a woman who truly appreciates all that you are. You may not do a lot for her but just the fact that she likes you and can truly commiserate with you on your day, coworkers, family and traffic makes the world a better place. The very fact that cougars are so independent is proof of this. They are sure of themselves and what they want. If that happen to be you, you’re definitely doing something right. Cougars know and accept your age and don’t try to make you mature or grow up before you’re ready. They appreciate the fact that you are who you are and your willing to spend time with them.
There are many more reasons than these to date a cougar. They are a lot of fun without the stress and drama younger women always seem to bring to the table. You may find that you enjoy the company of older women much more than that of younger women. If so, consider yourself lucky if you can find one willing to date you for the long run. While dating a cougar is something most men dream of at some point, very few get the chance to take it to the next level. Take chances and get out there. Its worth the ride.