How To Meet A Cougar On Tinder

How to Meet a Cougar on Tinder

While cougar dating is on the rise and more older women than ever are opting for lover 10 years or more younger, it still isn’t easy to meet a cougar. Bars and public places are great place to start but you have the learning curve to deal with. You know, the part of the evening […]

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Features That Make For The Best Cougar Dating Sites

What Makes A Quality Cougar Dating Site?

Cougar dating is a rite of passage. It can signify the changing of a boy to a man. Dating a cougar opens up a whole new side of life to men that most did not imagine existed. It can be life changing. It’s also a lot of fun and creates experiences and memories that last […]

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When do when hit their sexual prime?

When Do Women Hit Their Sexual Prime?

Rumors abound about when and how to tell if a woman has hit her sexual prime. It has been said that women hit their peak in their ‘20’s, ‘30’s and a plethora of ages throughout middle age. But what’s the truth and why should you care? The real age women hit their sexual prime isn’t […]

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Cougar Dating Dos & Don'ts

Cougar Dating Do’s and Don’ts

The only exposure to cougars that most young guys have is through television sitcoms and cheesy movies, which causes them to have a warped idea as to what a cougar actually is. Well, for one thing, she is an actual person who is as different as any other older woman just looking for some excitement […]

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Best Parts Of Dating A Cougar

Best Parts of Dating a Cougar

A cougar is a woman who prefers dating considerably younger men. More than ever before, there is compelling reason to date a cougar. Being more mature and experienced automatically translates into sexy. Something about the confidence of a woman who has been there, done that, and can live just fine with or without it, is […]

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