How to Meet a Cougar on Tinder

How To Meet A Cougar On Tinder

While cougar dating is on the rise and more older women than ever are opting for lover 10 years or more younger, it still isn’t easy to meet a cougar. Bars and public places are great place to start but you have the learning curve to deal with. You know, the part of the evening where you try to decide if she is just a nice lady or if a real life cougar is sitting in front of you. A more productive way to meet a cougar is to use some of the smartphone dating apps like Tinder.
Read on to learn how to meet a cougar on tinder.

Meeting A Cougar On Tinder Is Easy

Tinder is an app that you can install on your smartphone that can help you meet a cougar. Once you download the app to your phone and you can begin your cougar hunt. There is a quick tutorial before first use and sign on is done via your Facebook account. Click Here to learn how to use tinder without linking to Facebook. No posts are made to you Facebook, it is just an easy way to get down to business. Tinder is a great app to meet a cougar on because it links you up with people interested in you who are in your area.
Tinder actually does all the work for you in your mission to meet a cougar. It uses you GPS locator to pinpoint your location and then send you pictures of eligible females in your area. In order to zero in on only the cougars in your location, you will need to set your preferences to show your interests. Choose to get pictures of females, from 35 and older within your own designated distance from home. When the photos start coming in, you swipe left to express an interest and right to give her a pass. Alternately, you can tap the X or heart to like or dislike a photo.

Cougars Are Not The Only Thing You Can Meet On Tinder

The Tinder app isn’t just for sexual escapades and straight people. Many users set their preferences to find a same sex partner, or just a friend. Many cougars state they prefer to be friends first, so that particular feature can help you meet a cougar on Tinder. If you find there just aren’t any local cougars on Tinder, or at least any that you are interested in, go for the TinderPlus option. It adds the Passport feature of being able to extend your distance choice and get potential matches from other geographical locations. This is especially helpful when going on vacation or traveling for business.

Its Time To Start Meeting Cougars On Tinder

Now that you have Tinder basics down, the next step is perfecting your use. If you get lucky enough to have a cougar matched to you, you had better know the right things to say. Never get too general with your comments and messages. Asking how her day or week is going is a sure sign that you are uncomfortable and haven’t thought enough about what you are doing. Another no-no when you want to meet a cougar is arrogance and conceit. Confidence is one thing, but a boastful personality is quite another and nothing that will aid you in your hunt.

A Great BIO is Important To Meeting A Cougar On Tinder

Make sure your profile and bio are helping you meet a cougar. Believe it or not, many men have some of worst dating profiles in the world and still expect to get a response. Choose your profile pic carefully. Don’t choose a photo of you on your volunteer trip to Uganda, no pics with your face hidden or overly filtered. You want to be as open and honest with your one first impression photo that you can. Exuding a feeling of authenticity will take you far in your quest to meet a cougar. Be careful of making jokes and being humorous on your profile unless its obvious. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor and it is even harder to tell humor online than in person. Tone of voice and facial expression carry a lot of a joke. Neither of which you can access in an app. Instead word your short bio with correctly spelled, non net-speak. Use real words and full sentences. No emojis required.

To meet a cougar on Tinder you should always put your most debonair foot forward

Muster all the class you can and take that initial step. While it is important to be classy and confident, cougars adore honesty and so if your nervous or feel awkward say so. Just make sure she knows you have a genuine interest in her and it won’t matter how clumsy you are.
One word of advice before you begin, Tinder, like many dating apps, has had some trouble off and on with their service; a few hacker issues, a security issue or two. Make sure you check the status of their bug fixes and service updates before giving them and everyone else your person information.