Best Places To Meet Cougars In New York

Best Places To Meet Cougars In New York

New York has a few infamous cougar haunts thoroughly populated by young hopeful cubs in search of an experience. The city and its surroundings are ripe for cougars with the copious arts and culture mediums and endless array of dive bars and seedy lounges. New York cougars love to hunt in packs in areas where young professionals come and go with regularity. You can spot them by their higher than average cleavage and pricey jewelry. Look out for the sharp tap of expensive stilettos and clouds of Chanel No.5. Visit any of these cougar hot spots and you’ll get that older women experience you’ve been wondering about. Here is a list of the best places to meet Cougars in New York.

Madam X – To Meet Cougars in New York City

This bar has been dubbed the sexiest bar in the city so there is no doubt it will be filled to the brim with cougars. The red velvet and animal print décor is lush and inviting. The outdoor garden is perfect for a smoke even in winter when it is kept heated. They offer a hookah experience on Friday and Saturday nights and private party rooms for special events. Sumptuous seating in cushy Victorian couches and plush high-backed chairs makes you feel like Persian royalty. Cocktails are modestly priced and there is entertainment every night of the week. Cougars can’t resist the glamour and decadence of the atmosphere.

Meet Cougars in New York at Don’t Tell Mama

This piano bar and five-star restaurant is full of cougars every business day. Come for the cougars and stay for the comedy, cabaret and dancing the night away. Don’t Tell Mama – NYC, is situated right on the famous restaurant row and has a mall-like setup of four different areas of entertainment. It has had some ultr-famous clientele over the years such as Kristin Chenoweth, Rosie O’Donnell, Liza Minelli, Mario Cantone, Bette Midler, Paul Newman & Cuba Gooding Jr. Cougars love the cabaret aspect of the atmosphere and the excellent food is a plus.

Geisha is Great for Meeting Cougars in New York

Sushi bar, private party room and large bar are the main draws to this popular sushi joint on the upper east side. Geisha sushi bar is known as one of the best in the city and is the recipient of several awards. The Asian flavors are treated with French techniques which gives the place a unique feel. You’ll find a more refined crowd of cougars here so be prepared to converse as much as you imbibe. There are a lot of places to go right in the area as well so you can always carry the party on when you leave.

The Ava Lounge is the Best Kept Secret of Meeting Cougars in New York

Inside midtown’s Dream Hotel penthouse is the Ava Lounge. Decorated in a contemporary retro but with modern elegance, cougars adore the posh sophistication it purveys. The rooftop bar showcases a panoramic view of the Hudson River as far as Times Square. City lights, starry skies and tumbling waves entrance clientele into a peacefully content state of mind. The cocktail menu is rife with specialty concoctions and elite wines. Their meal selections feature crab, pulled pork, bruschetta and seasonal favorites. There is a happy hour with reasonably priced drinks for cougars to ply you with all night.

Schillers Liquor Bar is an Easy Place to Meet Cougars in New York

Schillers is a continental restaurant with a casual feel. Chicken, roast, potatoes and a fish of the day are the average dishes. Their featured cocktails come in batches of seasonal favorites a few times a year. The real claim to fame for the cougar attracting ability is their wine list which they describe as Cheap, Decent & Good. You can choose which one you want a glass of. With copious amounts of decent wine, you will find cougars not far behind. They are open for brunch and offer take-out and delivery service.
There are tons of great places to meet cougars in New York. The city is full of them. There are also plenty of young guys trying to bag them so be sure to come with your best moves are you might find yourself competing for your cougar time.