Best Places To Meet Cougars In Los Angeles

Best Places To Meet Cougars In Los Angeles

You’re in luck if you’re in Los Angeles with a desire to be devoured by a cougar. Your choices of venue are endless as are the cougars. The city and its surrounding areas are so populated with such a huge variety of entertainment options it is the perfect breeding ground for a thriving cougar population. There is no shortage of willing cubs either, so make sure you have your cougar hunting game tight. You can meet cougars in Los Angeles at one of the many places they have claimed as their private hunting grounds in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Meet Cougars in Los Angeles at The Good Luck Bar

The Good Luck Bar is a weird little place gives off the feel of a Chinese opium den in décor and location. Its slightly worn for wear but has a great jukebox and an endless playlist of Top 40 hits. Patrons love the low-slung choice lounges and scent of the always-burning incense. The red lanterns hanging from the ceiling add to the chill vibe of the place which is great for large crowds to hang together. It’s a popular place for cougars and the guys that want to get picked up by a cougar. It starts filling up almost as soon as it opens at 7 p.m. and stays that way till closing at 2 a.m. The drinks have fresh ingredients and you can tell but that also means the wait is a bit longer for your order.

The Ivy is a Great Spot to Meet Cougars in Los Angeles

The Ivy is the place people go to be seen in L.A. A power lunch on the right day and you could find your face splashed across the trade papers and tabloids the next day. The wait staff is peppered with young hot male models and actors hoping to get discovered at work. Cougars love to case the place for young starlets who are more than happy to get pampered for the day in exchange for a little of their male attention. It is a celebrity hangout so it’s a bit pricey. Having a hot cougar foot the bill can be helpful. There is both indoor and outdoor dining so take advantage of the warm weather and check out some of their specialty dishes on the patio.

Meet Cougars in Los Angeles at the Backstage Bar and Grill

The Backstage Bar and Grill was named one of the most likely places to get laid by LA Weekly Magazine; if that tells you anything. Cougars love the weekly karaoke and live band jams. In fact, it is difficult to tell the weekends from the weekdays in this always raunchy party place. The bartenders are all hot and the drinks have sinfully sexy names so everyone stays heated up all the time in there. Take a look around and you’ll find two or three cougars staring you down right now.

Zinc Lounge is Good for a Quick Shot to Meet Cougars in Los Angeles

Zinc is located in a hotel which works on two levels. You always have a place to go if you need to and there are cougars coming and going all the time. The interior is small but trendy with slick lines and sparkling glass wear everywhere. You get a real opulent feel in there. The menu items are tasty but pricy and small in portion. The drinks are expensive as well but potent. It closes early so it’s best for brunch on your way to the beach. You can understand why cougars love it when you see the classy interior and upscale shopping that surrounds it.
Los Angeles is cougar mecca. Virtually everywhere you turn you will find a cougar smiling at you around her breast augmentation. The places in this list are a great starting point in a cougar hunt because they will be so fully populated and with numbers like that it is hard to strike out. Keep in mind that these are experienced cougars. These women are happy with themselves and the lives they lead. If you don’t have you’re a game ready you will be swallowed alive. Welcome to L.A.