Best Places to Meet A Cougar in Dallas

There isn’t anything you can’t find in Dallas. Its family-friendly but there is also so much for the single (or playful) adult in all of us. There is a vibrant social scene no matter what or who you are into and there is so much to do, you never have to go to the same place twice. One of the wonderful things about cougar dating is that they enjoy going everywhere and anywhere. It is the journey and the atmosphere that matter most to a cougar. Tug on your walking boots, because if you want to meet a cougar in Dallas it could be at any type of establishment at all. There are a few places where cougars like to gather before the hunt. With a little luck and a lot of charisma, you can catch a cougar at one of the best places to meet a cougar in Dallas listed below.

Right in the Heart Of Dallas

Let’s start out simple. The very best place to meet a cougar in Dallas is right downtown. [Everything you need to know about Downtown Dallas ] Just like every big city, there are tons of shopping venues. Anything from high-end designer clothes to tourist goodies can be found. It’s a shopper’s mecca. Not only that, but there are entertainment venues for live music, art, and theater. A jaunt around the corner and you’ll find honky-tonk dives, martini and wine bars, sports pubs, and about a million other types of establishments for a cocktail.

Meet A Cougar in Dallas At Mansion Bar

You want to meet a cougar in Dallas, but you want her to be uniquely Dallas. Someone that you can introduce to your friends and they will automatically know where she’s from. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to make a stop at the Mansion Bar. Its stylish, but old Dallas charming at the same time. The velvet chairs and huge landscape painting make you feel like you’ve discovered a private cougar domain.

Meet A Cougar in Dallas At Saint Anne’s

Saint Anne’s is a popular restaurant and bar that brings a bit of the Dallas countryside right into the urban environment. Situated in the heart of the Harwood District, there is no way you won’t meet a cougar in Dallas at this little gem, voted to have the best patio in the city. The upper floor of this building is a museum, so there is a little extra conversation fodder if you’d like to amble your way through the artwork and artifacts.

Meet A Cougar in Dallas At The Rattlesnake Bar inside The Ritz Carlton

Checking out The Rattlesnake Bar inside the luxurious Ritz Carlton hotel just screams cougar. Everywhere you look is a gorgeous cougar vamping through. The elegant atmosphere is a cougar lure. The sofas and chairs are stuffed to the brim to give maximum comfort to the classy clientele. Mini margaritas are served with complementary guacamole while your cocktails are mixed. Gentleman of stature looking to meet a cougar in Dallas who matches his level of prestige are never disappointed at The Rattlesnake.

Meet A Cougar in Dallas At Obar

The Obar is a subterranean bar with an unusual look and décor that draws all sorts of people. The top shelf drinks are a plus as well. Candles and hanging lights set the mood to meet a cougar in Dallas who enjoys the finer things in life. They have live music in a variety of genres, so the crowd is a mixed blend of ages and demographics. Despite its size and popularity, there are several private places to sit and enjoy the company of a cougar.

Meet A Cougar in Dallas At Vino 100

One of the greatest aspects of Vino 100 is its lovely location and outside bar. Cougars love to sit outside with their wine and watch the trollies roll down McKinney Avenue. This bar boasts more than 100 different types of wines, all moderately priced at $25 or less. Their small selection of appetizers is of the Mediterranean variety, so you always feel a little like you’re on a pleasant island somewhere near the sea.
If you have decided to meet a cougar in Dallas, you have come to the right place. The educational, professional, entertainment, and leisure opportunities draw cougars and everyone else who wants to live life to its absolute fullest. It’s overwhelming. It’s amazing, and its waiting for you.